“There is no point.”

He went across the antique infested room to the liquor cabinet and helped himself to a rather large dose of single-malt scotch. “I mean, even if they do know, what are the chances of them trying to stop it?”

The other man sat down on the sabled armchair and toyed with one of the clocks that were on the table. “My dear bull, there is nothing that can be stopped. At this moment, they are going back home, under governmental supervision, I might add.” He put down the egg and replaced it with a fragile looking jade figurine. “And when they do, the players are in position for an…accident to happen.” He looked at the figurine. “Interesting craftsmanship, these Chinese had. How old is this piece?”

The other bull gave it a passing glance. “Around a thousand years old, Earth time. About a century or so before the War started, I’m guessing. Care for a brandy?”

“You know well I cannot handle such imbibements, bull.” The other smiled briefly as he refilled his glass.

“You know,” he said a few moments later, “out of sheer hypothetical thought, what are the chances for them to break free?” He took a few sips before continuing. “I mean, we both know that they can’t, due to the laws and honors of their family, but still…”

“If they are to break free, it will be due to outside help, nothing more. And at this moment, I don’t think that anyone will help them. They have committed too many mistakes in thier journey. And then they will be dead and we’ll be free to do whatever the Major wishes.” He laughed as he put the figurine back in its place on the table and stood. “I must be leaving. La Madame wishes for me to dine with her, and she is a prompt lady.”

“Mind if I join you? I wish to converse with this lady you praise so highly.” The other nodded and they both left.

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