*shoves story aside*


I’m leaving the previous storyline for something I wanted to do for a long time.

And I”m enjoying it.

After two hours or so, it’s already 1,200 words. And I may write more after the day’s done. w00t!

I’ll give you folks a sample to whet your appetite:

Even the boss got wind of the incident.
When Max went over to the boss’s office to hand over Mr. Font’s letter, he asked him to close the door for a bit of discussion.
Max, expecting the worse, sighed and closed it. Also the blinds, when asked.
He told the story honestly, leading up to the part when he defended himself against the guard. He paused for a few minutes, intending to continue with the letter correspondence, when the boss shocked him.
“Did you know that he is my mate?”
“I beg your pardon?”
“He is my mate. Mated for twenty five years.”
“Uhm…congratulations, but I don’t see—“
“You offended my mate. I have the right now to avenge.” He stood and gave a grin that spoke volumes of punishment. “Now strip. And quickly.”

And that’s all you’ll see until the end of the month. God, I’m on such a euphoric high.

Let us hope that this stays all month long.


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