Yesterday was when the local Bells Clearance Store closed down, so I got some new clothes to show for the battle won. However, today was when I was paid $60 for a job well done.

Allow me to explain. Bells is a local clothing store (don’t know if you guys have them over where you are), and the Clearance store is where you can get clothing for half(and more)-off. Well, yesterday was the last day, so my mom dragged me over there so I can find new clothing. I found lots of tops that, although long-sleeved, can pass for shortsleeved, with a little sewing. Like, for example, the shirt I’m wearing now (pic later, maybe tomorrow) was origianlly long-sleeved. But, with some cutting/sewing, made it into a nice shortsleeved.

However, they werelooking for workers for today, when they needed to be cleared out of the clothes and the racks and whatnot, so I volenteered to get over there. Damned hectic, I’m telling ya. Boxes filled with clothing, then stacked and wrapped with shrink-wrap. But hey, $60 is nothing to be sneezed at, especially if it is going to the El Paso trip.

So, I better get off the comp, cause my fingers are hurting badly. Laters!


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