But then, you know the why of my dreams, why they act the way they play out in my mind. The reasons how they can do so much damage while trusting little on reality.
–Joey B.

At this moment, I’m suffering from what I refer to as an aftershock. It happens after a certain time frame comes into play that I dreamed, either last night or years ago. It’s nothing too serious. It often comes in the form of “Whoa, I dreamed this! Wow.”, then spaciness a few moments later. It’s a common occurance.

As you readers of my previous journal know, I have what is known as ‘prophetic dreaming’, in other words, I dream what can happen (and mostly will happen sooner or later) in the future. It’s not that bad, although I have had a few really freaky episodes, one of them was when I was working last year, and snippits of my training hours was drempt. So interesting.

I used to be scared of my dreams, for the reason that I didn’t know the why/how of the thing. Then one of my classmates mentioned once that I was “in the right place at the right time” when I would remember the dream. Then I wondered that if I dreamed that I would die, would that mean that I was in the right time/place? She couldn’t answer.

I still don’t know the mechanics of this ability or how to bring it up at will. Someone once said that if I learn how to lucid dream, then it is theoritically possible to do it at will, which sounds rather intrieging. I need to learn dangit! 😀

Anywho, I’ll let you off for now. Laters


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