Snatched out from the evil (yet hunky) clutches of (sans colors, of course)

[name] Juan J. Bocanegra (just call me Joey, eh?)
[location] San Benito, Tx.
[eye color] Brown
[height] 5’6″
[heritage] Hispanic
[last cd I listened to] Steely Dan’s Aja
[artist I have the most albums of] Steely Dan (I have all of their stuff)
[last time I turned on the radio] Last night, when going to bed
[last place I drove to] I don’t drive. 😦
[last vacation I took] Vacation??  What is…a vacation?
[most beautiful place I’ve ever been to] Cannot say 
[country I would never want to revisit] Also cannot say
[year of my life I would never live over] Can’t think of any years…
[last movie I saw in the theatre] LOTR:The Two Towers
[worst roommate] My brother (messy as he is…)
[most paranoid about] Getting up on a step stool without any support
[number of jackets I own] Four
[type of car I wish I had] A small car, with extremely good gas milage 
[dream job] Home decorator/Artist
[last kiss] loooooooong time ago 
[favorite pen] dunno
[countries I have been to] Mexico
[other languages I know phrases in] Spanish, French (just little sayings)
[other language I would love to learn] Spanish, Japanese, French


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