I’m listening to KZPS’s live radio and what plays but PinkFloyd’s “Comfortably Numb”. I’m torn ‘twix listening (which I am right now) or wrenching the cursed earphones from my ears.

Reason: I am VERY MUCH scared of this song. And the movie from which it comes up in, “The Wall”.

Wrenched them off. Whew.

To continue: It’s not that I’m scared of the song. It’s a good song. Guitar work is exceptional. It’s the association that comes with it.

You see, I saw the movie at an early age (ten or so) and it serverely fucked me over. To the extent that whenever the radio played a PF song, I would actually turn the radio off ’til it passes, or if I was asleep, wake up to turn it to something else.

*checks the earphones* oooh, Beatles *leaves them on*

‘right then, back to the thing: Back then, I thought that “The Wall” was the only album PF did, until I heard ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. Different mood, different meanings, but completely PF. Blew me away. I still like the album, hell, I have the CD of it, but I will not touch “The Wall” either movie or album.


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