Question of the Day


Or hour or second or something of that matter. Anywho, here it is:

Who is willing to give me free room/board for the summer?

Reason why I’m asking is that I really need to get out of this place and would love to see the outside world. While I doubt that I will get a responce here, at least I asked.

In other news, the 150th episode of Charmed is showing and my sister, an avid fan of the show, is going crazy over it. I, another fan of the show, is wisely taping the episode so that I can watch it when no one is watching. That has always been something of a fault of mine: If I’m watching something, and someone else comes in, I give the person the remote and leave, mostly to my room. However, if there was, say, something so interesting and intreiging that I tune out the rest of the world, I doubt that I will ever notice if anyone comes in.

Feel free to wonder about my question and remember that I welcome any suggestions and comments. Thanks. *hug*


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