My mom is an idiot. Well, kinda.

You see, I’m sitting in front of my comp most of the day/night doing various things (photoshopping, surfing, playing games, reading, etc.), and she thinks that all the time I’m on it, I’m on the net. I mean, c’mon. I can only take enough net per day. 😉

Add that to the belief that she doesn’t think I do anything whatsoever on it. I mean, c’mon! I studied a few years in DigitalImaging classes so that I can doodle with these things. I have artwork that I loved making and would love showing off. And she has the utmost audacic gall to say that I don’t know anything?! AAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!

As some of you know, I won second place with the artwork that I submitted in last year’s RioFest (more on that later), and it’s still hanging up in the dining room, with it’s ribbon still there. Mom wants to replace it with the original artwork, some factory print of vegatables. And of course, anyone who visits in the home will see the artwork and marvel at it.

Man, if ever I leave this place, I’m taking the thing with me, ribbon and all.

Now the problem possibly could be that no one really comes into my room. And the fact that I rarely invite anyone to see my works in progress. Reason is the ever-weary cliche of “I am une artiste! And I want no unsophisticated critiques seeing my art. Bah! *turn up nose*” Or it could be because everyone is too busy relaxing, and me too kind-hearted to do anything about it. hmm…

In other news, the Pope’s funeral will be the same date of the marrage of Charles and Bowles. Make of it what you will. Laters!


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