You have to like my sense of humor…


Well, maybe. >_>

Joke taken from the Yahoo group Brotherhood of Bears
A bear was walking down the street, and on his way he sees a
beautiful cub with very short shorts. The guy approaches and says to
him, “My god, you’re so hot!!! With this kind of look I’ve got to
fuck you! Nothing can be avoided, and no matter what, I’ve got to
fuck you!”

The cub is very shocked and asks him, “What!? In the middle of the

The bear answers, “I’ve got to do it this, it is a primary
opportunity! So I’ll give you an offer. I’ll drop $500 on the floor
and while you pick it up, I’ll be able to do everything I want. OK?”

The young cub seems to look intense. Then he decides to call his
friend. He told his friend the story, looking for some advice. The
friend says, “It’s not a big problem – just bend over to pick up the
$500, and as the bear gets his fireman out of his pants… Just take
the money and run!”

The next day the same friend sees the cub walking like old woman.
The friend asks him, “What happened to you!?”

The cubby answered nervously, “That son-of-a-bitch dropped $500 in


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