So I’m sick right now. And it’s windy cold outside. And I’m skipping my classes today because I really don’t want to be here. I should be at home, resting. Eating chicken soup and whatnot.

Am I at home? Nope, I’m at the college library, the usual place of me whenever I want to get away. It’s my latest place where I can dissapear when I want to. First it was the SanBenito library, then some coffeeshop in Harlingen, then the Harlingen Library, now it’s this library, all over the space of fifteen years? Wow. Time has gone by.

I’m not going to comment on anything that happened yesterday with that Terri character. The reason why I’m referring her as a character is because I have no interest in caring whether she died or not. It was really none of our business anyways…

*blows nose*

So, how’s you?


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