I don’t mind the quiet
Or the lonely nights…
–Steely Dan, ‘Things I Miss The Most’

It’s official. I am a furry liker.

That does not mean that I will dress myself up in a costume and pretend that I am something I’m not. Nor does it mean that I will do anything that you Sinfesters know as ‘furry’ (you guys know what I mean [stupid threads]). No. It simply means that my Librian tastes and my gay attitude has simply steered me towards a small facet of artistic talent that I’m seriously liking.

I, for one, blame DeviantArt for this thing. >_>

You see, I started getting rather liking the furry comics ( Class Menagerie, for example), and started looking. I found a few Japanese sites for furry sites (bless their hearts), and started liking them as well. Then, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon, of all things, a site for one of the many artists that I liked on DeviantArt, found that another of my faves was there, looked at the myriad faves that THEY have…well, you get the picture. I completely love these artists now and wish them nothing but good will.

Mix that with my tastes for musclebears, and you get a combination destined to topple the most balanced of psyches. *snickers*

‘right then, in other news, I failed the Algebra test. The skipped questions, plus a few wrong ones (and they were simple, ‘glossed over’ mistakes too! *grr/gah!*) did me in, but it is nothing to what, I feel, may be the hardest thing so far: matrixes. Right now, it’s only systems of equations, and the rules that must follow them, but still, it was hard! My mind felt like it was completely wringed out. I suffered from a headache from that class for a few hours, ’til I ate a Joey Special from Subway (didn’t I mention that they opened one in the campus? hmm). After an hour of talking/jiving with friends, I felt even better.

Oh, and before you ask, a Joey Special is a foot-long meatball sub with wheat bread, any cheese, little sauce, sweet onion & honey mustard dressing, then cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, onions, olives, and banana peppers. It got the name from the time one of my friends was working there, and noticed that I usually got that all the time. So he nicknamed it the “Joey Special”, and the name stuck, at least by me. 😀

Anyways, I’ll let you off now. You’re no doubt bored. 😉 Laters.


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