Let me put it this way doll…
–Steely Dan, “Slang Of The Ages”


First off, let me say that I have no coffee in my cup. That means that I have drunk one cup of the thing (plus milk, and two spoonfulls of sugar, because we all know that if you have to take that much sugar, the medicine has to be that bad). One cup coffee and a simple cheese/ham sandwich. That’s my dinner for tonight. Yep….mmmhmmm…

God, do I need some chocolate. :\

*looks into coffee cup, seeing no coffee…frowns*

Sometimes I do that, y’know? Forget that I had coffee or tea in the cup and look inside it to see if I drank it all. It happens more often than usual.

Today was a pretty good day. Algebra had a test, which, in my opinion, was rather simple. Apart from the application problems. They were dealing with banking, which I forgot the formula. Ya see, the subject was on exponential/logarithms, which, once you get the basics down, is pretty easy. The problem throughout the entire chapter was that I didn’t have a calculator, since no one in this Age cannot do them by hand (it would be cool, though, doing it by hand), and I had to ask for one. However, it was neat, doing the test. And I checked/double checked each problem, making sure that I did them right. I hope I pass with at least a 75 (remember, I skipped the application problems).


Tomorrow’s gonna be the first day of US History study room. And I’m really not nervous, more on the lines of “OMG, something evil’s brewing this direction!” Reason? There was another person trying to do a study room, and failed miserably. I’m thinking she might come over and throw a monkey wrench in the works. *ugh* But, that means that I have to wake up tomorrow morn early so I can get dropped off. :\ However, my dad (aka The Ride) doesn’t mind at all. He says that as long as I pass the class, which, I hate to say, I’m not. Due to poor note-taking and skipping classes, I’m not doing well enough for tests. I hope now that I can make it with my studying.

Well, I’ll be seeing you. I must be boring you with my minutae, turning this blog into a narcipost. Sorry. ^_^’ Laters!


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