A story…


Hopefully I can get more things out of this little thing…

“Whaddya mean, you’re a dream!?!”

The person in front of me merely flicked a piece of lint from an immaculately cut red velvet bathrobe.  His pajamas were the color of fresh blood.  The slippers, garnet red with gold embroidery.

“It is as I say.  My body sleeps, but my mind wanders.  It is called lucid dreaming, an ability in which I can control my dreams.

But soon I realized just how much control I had over my dreams.  For I had a episode in which I created a city for which it was the cutting edge of knowledge, in which learned men from every region of the world.  I was a god, and commanded the city to do the impossible: to free the reality of dreams and escape to the reality we see now.”

I gulped down the coffee. “And you were successful, I take it?”

“Beyond my wildest expectations.  For they found the technology needed for it.  And they used it.  No doubt you know of the attacks from last year?”

How couldn’t I know of it.  Creatures dressed in green, carrying weapons of mass destruction, killing on a grand scale, almost creating this city into a wasteland.  And finding out that just how vunerable they were, they retreated back from whence they came.  People are still debating who they were and why they did it.  Now I know.

“So,” I said, gulping down more coffee, “does this mean you’re real?”

“No.  You see, they found out that they are dreams, and therefore, from dream to reality, they become real.  However, were as I, a dreaming human, is vise versa.  This,” he gestured around him, “is merely my perception of the dream.  I dream of reality, and I am in it.

However, that doesn’t mean I can enjoy life as it is.  The surroundings, the servants, everything you see is, in your perception, real.  Therefore, I can do whatever you can.  Ah Reeves,” he said, to the entering butler, “more tea please, and some more petit fours for my guest.”  The man bowed low, and left as silently as he came in.


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