I’m back in the library of the college (which will now known as TSTC), and I’m still jamming out to KZPS, which is playing the original version of Stray Cat’s “Rock This Town”, which I first heard from Brian Setzer Orchestra, which did a very good version of it. But then, it also did a good version of Steely Dan’s “Bodhisattva”, which, coming from a die-hard fan of the band, is a compliment within itself. 😀

-ten or so minutes later-

It’s on commercials. Gah. And I’m reading a new comic:

Carpe Diem

I veiwed the archives, and, dare I say it, I cried a few times. Honestly. Dunno why. Maybe my heart’s too soft of a thing. Soft like oatmeal…over-cooked oatmeal: soft, but extremely sticky.


ooohers, Fleetwood Mac *jams*

Anywho, ’bout the comic. I’m giving you fair warning: it contains … dunno the proper word for it…furries? No, animal anthropormism? Dunno…someone look at the comic and give the word/phrase for it, will ya? Sheesh.

Anywho, I’m going now. Whilst jamming out to Billy Joel. *does so*


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