Another Journal Entry


FRIENDLESS, adj. – Having no favors to bestow. Destitute of fortune. Addicted to utterance of truth and common sense.
–Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

Good evening.

Monday of SpringBreak and already wondering when I can get back to college. :\

First of all, let me say hello to everyone reading this. *waves* Secondly, to you people known as bears: Fucking hot, I’m telling you. 😀

Let me explain, as I’m wont to do: I’m a bear-chaser. What does that mean? I chase bears, simple. And just what are bears? Hairy guys, preferrably with muscles, though a few hairy chubs are worthy of my eye. 😉


My tastes in men are as strange as my musical/literary/food tastes. What can I say? I would love to have a hot shirtless musclebear come behind me and nuzzle/lick/nibble/etc. my -insert bodypart here-.

What can I say? I like doing this: letting you guys just how crazy I am. X-D

NOTE: If you are intrieged, go here. I love this group, and everyone in it. Especially GMBoot, who A) has a site of hot musclemorphs (more on that subject later, if ever), and B) sends a whole lot of hot bearpics every Sunday.
In other news, I have yet to figure out how to get myself to the beach. I found out Sunday that the bus has no fucking route there. And to top it off, we’re having a cool front entering down here. It’s ALWAYS been like that: every week of SpringBreak, it’s rainy or cold or both. Oh sure, the week before and after are perfect for the it, but what are we doing during those weeks? Working and/or college. GAH!!

Anyways, talk to you later.


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