Nanu nanu



This is my second entry on the LJ, hopefully not my last. I want to welcome you all into my other layer of insanity, since the WebsiteJournal is kaput.

Let me explain. I got sick and somewhat tired of copy/pasting code into new entries. It got to the point that I rather let people miss me than to let them know of my life. So there. *nya!*

I’m still going to put up a quote in the beginning of each one, something that I cannot bear to be without. Just to let you guys know that I’ll be keeping something the same here. Like this one:

“Oh, I see. You want rules. Most boys do, whatever they say. Very well. Let me see. I cannot aibde incivilty. So you will be properly civil to me, to my friends, and my guests.”
–Robert Jordan, The Path of Daggers

So, you see, I’m perfectly prepared for this thing. However, I have a few tweaks to pull out, so, expect a few things going on in this place. Toodles.


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